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Recently, I got the following fantastic message from Jake in my mailbox:

“Have only one word for it ”Phenomenal.” I resonated completely with the text you described in your book. Have been approximately panic attack free for 2 weeks now.”

A week before I got the following message from Bjorn:

“Unbelievable, it works! Suffering from burn-out for 1.5 years with anxiety and panic.. Tried thousands of things to calm down… nothing helped…. Used your method today and it works after just one day!

Bjorn and Jake suffered from anxiety and panic for years and tried all kinds of things to get rid of it.

Nothing seemed to work…

After using my new method to deal with anxiety and panic, they are largely relieved of their symptoms.

In Jake’s case, even panic attack free within two weeks.

Are you dealing with Anxiety and Panic DAILY?

Dear sufferer of anxiety and panic,

If you want to END your anxiety and panic once and for all…

And live your life without worrying when your anxiety will kick in…

Then this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

My name is Johan and I suffered from anxiety and panic for decades.

I visited many doctors and psychologists.

I was desperately searching for a solution but nobody could help me…

I felt stuck, misunderstood and wondered why nobody was able to help me with my anxiety and panic attacks.

I would wake up early every morning thinking about my anxiety 24/7.

My nights were horrible. Not able to sleep through, and getting up exhausted battling through the day.

I did this seven days per week, for years on end.

From the outside, nobody could see a thing.

But from the inside…

Then one day, I realized something:

"What if I STOP trying to solve the problem?"

My mind started shifting… 

All these years I was trying to solve a problem that DIDN’T EXIST!

This changed everything for me. 

Instead of feeling miserable all day, I got my energy back.

I no longer had these endless stories in my head about all the things that might go wrong…

And I used this method to END every form of anxiety I suffered from. And trust me, I had a laundry list of all kinds of anxiety:

  • Social anxiety (blushing);
  • Hypochondria (sensations in the body and fear of getting sick);
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder);
  • Fear of heights;
  • Panic attacks;
  • Sleeping anxiety;
  • Tinnitus;
  • Dizziness;
  • Derealisation (feeling like you are not in this world);
  • And many more.

Yes, I actually suffered from all of the above list!

It all started to make sense…

I’ve talked to many psychologists but not a single one told me the most important message I will tell you right now:

“Trying to get rid of your Anxiety is the ROOT CAUSE of ALL your problems!”

You see, every time I:

  • Started a new course (mindfulness, ACT, whatever)
  • Started reading a new book
  • Started a new therapy

Every single time I had the following mindset:

“I hope this will help me get rid of my Anxiety and Panic”

Now just take a moment and reflect this on yourself…

Have you been trying to get rid of your anxiety and/or panic attacks?

Were you hoping that your anxiety would finally go away when starting a new therapy, reading a book or taking that new course?

It’s no wonder nothing seems to work… You are trying to solve a problem that you CAN’T GET RID OF!

Once I realized getting rid of my anxiety was the root cause of my problems, I noticed that many others are facing the same problem:

You are stuck trying to get rid of a problem that does not exist…

I know you might be skeptical. Let’s have a look at the following methods you are trying right now:

  • Trying to think positively
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Thinking that what is happening to you is not fair or “why me?”
  • Applying mantras
  • Applying positive affirmations
  • Putting into perspective “it’s not that bad”
  • Thinking about a better future
  • Trying to think logically or rationally
  • Engaging in discussion with your thoughts
  • Countering negative thoughts
  • Avoiding situations
  • Criticizing yourself
  • Using drugs (coffee, alcohol, weed, excessive eating, smoking, supplements, etc)
  • Wishing something had not happened in the past
  • Wishing you felt like you did in period X again
  • Comparing yourself to people who feel “good” or wishing you were like person X

Be honest, have these methods helped you in the long run?

Or are you still suffering from anxiety and panic?

These methods don’t work.

Trust me, I’ve tried them all.

“Would you also practice meditation or breathing exercises if you didn’t suffer from anxiety and panic?”

I always get the same answer:

No! (while laughing).

If you are using one or more of the methods above, I would advise you to stop and try out my method.

You only need to answer the following question to know if this method will work for you:

Are you trying to get rid of your anxiety or panic attacks?

If your answer is “YES!” then this method is for you.

I know you are still skeptical because you already tried so many things…

Don’t take my word for it.

Read all reviews in detail and find out what other people think of this book and method:



If the awnser is “YES” to all these questions, you should try my method.

I’ve detailed my own story and every single step of this new method in my brand-new book titled:




The book is available in THREE variants

NEW: E-book + personal chapter

  • With your order you get a few questions about your anxiety in your mail
  • You send the answers back to me
  • I’ll add a new chapter in the book with tips based on your anxiety
  • You’ll receive your personal book within 24 hours

This book will tell you everyting.

All the in-depth details and insights that are available right now.

You won’t find this information in any other book, therapy or videocourse.

These are not my own words, but from all the people that send me messages and reviews on a daily basis

It’s clearly written and easy to understand.

At the end of this book…

You’ll have a clear step-by-step plan that you can implement right away to end your anxiety and panic attacks.

If you are still skeptical or think this won’t work for your ultra specific anxiety I’ll give you this:


Heads up: I’ll give you the guarantee that if you dind’t learn anything new about anxiety or think the book was totally worthless I’ll give you your money back within 30 day’s without questions…

and you can keep the book for the inconvenience.

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Real book for reading at home

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That’s your mind trying to play tricks on you. And there is one simple reason why this method works for ANYONE:

Every human mind fundamentally works the same. The thinking patterns you use to fight anxiety and how your mind reacts to these patterns are 100% the same for literally any person in the entire world.

It’s like pressing the ON/OFF button on your remote.

It doesn’t matter what kind of remote you use, pressing the ON/OFF button always has the same result.

In anxious minds, we are pushing the same buttons over and over again. But if you are pushing the wrong buttons, you always get the same unwanted results:

Your anxiety and panic is still here!

I will GUARANTEE that this method will work for you.

If for whatever reason you learned NOTHING new in my book you just get your money back.

Sounds fair?

After you read this book…


Is this book for you? Do the test!

It is important to me that you only buy my book if I think it is going to help you. Of course, I don’t know your personal situation but I can give some guidelines to determine if you are going to benefit from this book:

This book is suitable for you in the following cases:

  • You do not exactly know how anxiety works
  • You feel stuck and psychologists can’t seem to help you
  • You have been trying to get rid of your anxiety, panic, depression for years but nothing seems to work
  • You are afraid or ashamed to talk about it with someone (psychologist)
  • You want to try solve it yourself first

My goal is not to persuade you to buy my book. My goal is to help you solve your anxiety and panic. Because I know from personal experience how bad it can be!

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