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Terms and conditions

Last update: 14/11/2022


The following terms and conditions apply to all visitors to this website and the services used. After purchasing a service or product, you agree to these terms and conditions. Without agreement, it is not possible to use our products or services.

Liability is not a doctor or medical specialist. All information available on or in the related services and products are based on personal experience. The content is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It is not professional medical advice. Please contact a professional for advice, diagnosis or treatment. is in no way responsible for injury or other damages.

Delivery of products

After payment, the offered product (e-book) will be made available immediately via a download link or sent by email. If this is not the case, buyer can contact via and the product will be manually sent. Payment details may be requested.

Tax and payments

For buyers within the EU, the tax is 9%. For buyers outside the EU, taxes are taken care of depending on the country. That’s why customers are asked to fill in the country to make sure taxes are handled correctly. 

Conditions personal contact

The additional service (personal contact) which is offered when buying the e-book “a life without anxiety and panic” entitles buyers only if the e-book is purchased legally. Buyer may be asked for payment details and email address before this service becomes available to the buyer.

Returns and right of withdrawal

Products sold through are subject to the legal right of withdrawal. This means that the e-book can be returned within 14 days without giving a reason. After this statutory period, the buyer can return the e-book after six months from the date of purchase if expectations have not been met.

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